SUV-AUK LEG Daily diary 15/3/11 (Update 09)
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Diary from the Uto ni Yalo by Agnes Sokosoko
Tuesday 15th March, 2011
400 hrs position
25 59. 2 south of the equator, 176 25. 2 East of Greenwich meridian, course 160 degrees.
It was a nice cool morning with 2- 3 meter swells, and cloudy. We always start our shifts with a song and joke from Harold and Mausio…while Andre is in his own world until asked to take over the Uli (steering oar) then he automatically morphs into Superman and dethrones Steven as the original Superman. I on the other hand, take over the Uli occasionally but there have been instances where my height and weight may have forced me to logging and tea making department.
1900 hrs position 27 19. 7 South of equator, 176 19. 5 minutes east of Greenwich course 160 degrees. This was the happiest day for our crew as we set the new record distance sailed during a three hour shift, breaking the record set by Kaiafa’s crew. With an easterly blowing at a speed of 10.7 kts, we managed to squeeze in a few jokes and songs while setting our proud 30 nautical miles over three hours record. Of course it ended with a huge kaila… and a huge thank you to Superman Andre and his skills on the Uli surfing the waves like a world class surfer.
2400 hours position 28 47. 9 minutes south of equator, 175 58. 6 east of Greenwich. Our shift ends with a distance of 27 nautical miles on a course of 150 – 160 degrees at a speed of 9.3 kts. Despite the poor visibility we managed to have fun singing to one another and discussing about politics, love, the ocean and of course why we should have a dvd player on board or a projector and project on to the sails at night but that’s another story… and I’ll leave it to the powers that be to decide. It wasn’t my idea it was Harold’s so don’t shoot the messenger. Other then the slight drop in temperature we are managing and as the lines in our Bole say “Au na Qaqa” so strong we shall be.